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The twentieth/21st century has seen the collapse of order in the world especially the west. With a host of reformation, the order of the bible replaced the order of church. Then with knowledge and enlightenment, the order of reason replaced the order of the bible. Today however, reason as an absolute has fallen under the attack of the irrational of relativism and of the naked will to power. Indeed, it seems that traditional foundations have all but crumbled and left human kind standing alone in an empty universe (Donald M. Williams, the communicator’s commentary, Psalm 1-72
Jim Davis says we find ourselves in the midst of a collapsing world order. The constant change of our world challenges us to the core of our being. The invariably change, rippling through churches is taunting. What we once thought Christianity should be, is being replaced by ever changing personal self-willed ethics. It leaves us bewildered as we look for a place of refuge in a crumbling world order “he says.
In Psalms 11:3 the psalmist in somewhat dejection, asked a rhetorical question “when the foundation is being destroyed, what can the righteous do”? Here is a man who had been hunted by Saul in all his adult life. Under the Law of Moses a person is condemned only after trial. For this reason, as a person of the bible he believed in living for the word and adored righteous judgement. However he witnessed at first-hand how the foundations of law, justice and righteousness were being destroyed by an unrighteous king, Saul.The most important part of every structure is its foundation. For example, if I choose to build a hotel, the foundation I lay for such edifice cannot be the same as building a townhome. The reason being that, the upper body of the structure should correlate with the lower part, otherwise the whole structure will crumble.

Imagine the image of an earth quake that shakes the foundation of building. For the most part such buildings are in such deplorable state unimaginable. It requires super architects to redesign and plan the rebuilding of the whole structure as well as the broken city. In the same vein, the churches are in deplorable state! They need to be fixed as soon as possible before it crushes to the ground for lack of support. Only the righteous can save it so David draws our attention to the urgency of having an assembly of righteous people ready to stand up for the job. Amen!
The Lord has established Adonai revival Ministry to stand up to the test of time and correct things in our own small way. We believe this church is set up to lead people to God’s way of righteousness. The Greek word’ “kuriakos (church) means pertaining to the Lord or something which belongs to God. For this reason a church and everything in the church must be seen as pertaining to the Lord. And if you belong to the Lord, our attitude towards Him will be special. In the early church, it was more about living for Christ. In Acts 11:26 where the believers were first called Christians, it was clear that, they lived their lives as little Christ. Until we go back to building churches that belong to the Trinity, we will be meaningless in this end time. Jesus said “ye are the salt of the world, if the salt loses its saltiness, what is its worth”? Mathew 5:13

What can the righteous do? To fix the situation, 1.We must know it is all about Jesus. If it weren’t for Him, there is no reason to be in the church. If that is the case, we should focus on loving him, get to know him and live for Him. 2. The righteous shall lead a new wave of crusaders where Mathew 6:33 becomes the focus with “his righteousness” our mantra. That is the only solid foundation to be laid. 3. The righteous should refuse to join the choir of the “broader gate and wider path “for many take that path which in turn becomes the high way to hell Matthew 7: 13-14. The voice of the majority can easily become the voice of death as it pertains with church of God. 4. The righteous should revisit the days where prayers and bible studies (Acts 2:42-43) were deemed as a daily need which nourishes the soul and lead us to heaven. 5. The righteous shall not fail to let people know they are righteous, by striving to live a righteous life and be a walking example (Matthew 5:13). A city that is on a mountain cannot be hidden once we were blind, but now we can see. God reign. Amen!

By Augustine Agyeman Pennin