Meet our Pastor

81CPastor Augustine Agyeman Pennin, born and raised in Ghana is a loving, caring, humble man of God called by God for his end time church. He was born to a God fearing family, he raised, nurtured and admonished in the ways of God. The biggest spiritual impact at a tender age of 5, was from his late grandmother Theresa Obour who was a Pentecost deaconess for 5 decades. She taught him the importance of how and why to spend time with God each day of our life. Though raised by his parents to be meek and humble, it wasn’t until he was 15years when he had a personal encounter with the Lord, under the apostolic leadership of Apostle Paul Agyekum, general overseer of Victory Outreach Church.

Pastor Augustine served and trained under this dynamic man of God and his well nurtured pastors and deacons, where he received practical bible way of moulding leaders, which included the purpose of our calling; Evangelism, Righteousness, discipleship, leadership, and hospitality including reaching out to the poor and destitute. Blessed with this wealth of experience, he has helped built and plant churches for a lot of Ministries both in Ghana and the USA. His influence and wealth of experience have been felt in all the churches he has been part of, and has always been deemed as one of a kind. Pastor Augustine has also spent years doing school outreach, ensuring a lot of young people stood up for Master Jesus. Today he is proud to give praise to God that, some of his protégé are leading thousands and hundreds of congregations, this confirms indeed “something good can come out of Nazareth”.
Pastor Augustine Pennin holds a BA degree in English and Law, and also a Masters degree (LLM) in Public International Law. Pastor Augustine also hold a diploma in Ministry. His wealth of knowledge in secular education has gone a long way to impact his ministry. He has read thousands of books which include 90% of the works of William Shakespeare and metaphysical poems. As a result, he made maximum impact in his short stint in class room with some of his students occupying important positions in Ghana and abroad. It is his experience as a teacher which has had influence on his ability to teach and simplify this wealth of information, which is endearing him to his congregants today. The word of God is unadulterated, eternal life and the second coming of Christ is emphasized, and simplified, exciting his congregation because “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”. He has been a Sunday school teacher all his life which is bearing on his ministry now.

Upon all his contribution and impact on churches and preachers of the gospel over the years, Pastor Augustine was happy to help others build their ministries until God directed him to begin Adonai Revival Ministry last year. Within this short period, the church has grown beyond imagination. Lives are being changed and transformed through the power and anointing in the word of God/Holy Spirit; abundant doors of opportunities are opening for all; healing is being ministered through the power of the Holy Spirit and the oppressed are being delivered in the name of Jesus. This is a church you will visit and right away experience the presence of I AM, God Reign.
They say behind every successful man there is a great woman of God. Pastor Augustine has come this far with the help and cooperation of his virtuous wife Jennifer Agyeman. She is humble, intelligent and full of the Holy Spirit. Together their zeal for the Lord is something that is inspiring all church members to rise up for the Lord Jesus Christ.
He was written off, looked down upon, judged by self-righteous people who know and identify men of God than God himself. Yet the word of God is true, “when people commend themselves, it doesn’t count for much. The important thing is for the Lord to commend”, 2 Corinthians 10 vs 18.

God has chosen to use this man of God in this end time, and he shall glorify God…Amen.