Youth Ministry

Adonai Revival Youth Ministry

Today’s youth groups look vastly different than those from decades past. Due to changes in technology, evolving parenting styles and different cultural factors, Generation Y and Generation Z require today’s leaders to adopt an Empowering Parents Impacting Children (EPIC) Model of communication. Unfortunately, many adults have failed to make this transition, leaving many young people without the leadership skills and spiritual disciplines needed to connect with God and have a positive effect on this world.

It is our goal for those involved with the Adonai Revival Youth Ministry to find “their own Jesus” and not just tag onto their parent’s, friend’s and family’s;. Our youth will learn to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior. They will know God and learn to be like him.

Spiritual Growth
We teach the youth on the importance of daily prayers, daily bible reading, equipping them with the word in order to live an exemplary life as little “Christs” and to be great role models for their generation/light of the world.

We train each young person to share the gospel and avail themselves for the opportunity to lead someone to Christ.

Service Oriented
We present opportunities for service oriented activities such as team outreach, mission trips, nursing homes, bible studies, church cleaning, assisting with children ministry

We encourage each youth to develop a more intimate relation with God (2 Peter 3:18), encourage habitual bible reading and prayer, and a thirst for studying God’s word.

Social Growth
We encourage friendship making by reaching out to others, providing opportunities for small groups and socialization, bible studies, conference phone prayers, character-developing qualities in the youth that honor Christ

The Youth Ministry of Adonai Revival is committed to loving our youth with the love of Christ, engaging them in ministry, exposing them to the word of God and equipping them to be faithful, lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ. It is our vision to transition our youth into the intergeneration church community; letting their voice be heard.

Youth Ministry Guidelines

  • Appearance – Always dress appropriately to glorify our savior.
  • Attitude – Always demonstrate the highest respect for authority. Obedience and submissiveness. Have a teachable, humble, obedient spirit learning to honor and obey what God has placed in our lives.
  • Responsibility – Learn to respect others and their way of handling things, and learn to work together.